ACTOM Energy

ACTOM Energy

ACTOM Energy, a division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd aims at providing world-class integrated solutions aimed at existing plant refurbishments and upgrades. ACTOM Energy has the technical expertise to provide you with the optimal solution through the integration of ACTOM’s wide range of locally manufactured products as well as those from other leading suppliers.

In these demanding times, it is imperative to extract maximum value from your plant and equipment.

Previously known as Savcio Energy, and following the acquisition by ACTOM (Pty) Ltd in 2012, the division was renamed to ACTOM Energy.

By combining the technical capability of Electrowave Cape and hydron hydraulics in ACTOM Energy, the division was able to provide turnkey electro-mechanical system integration.

Initially ACTOM Energy was focused on the oil & gas, marine and Navy sectors. However, after having developed a proven track record offshore as a C&I business, it was decided to expand ACTOM Energy Solution expertise to the rest of the ACTOM group.

From standby power generation, steam boiler auxiliaries, security and safety, MV electrical yards, condition monitoring, remote data logging, protection and controls to maintenance and repairs just to name a few, we can now help our customers with most of the plant upgrade and refurbishments.

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