ACTOM Protection & Control signs on new protection and automation principals

_MG_2494ACTOM Protection & Control (P&C), a division of ACTOM (Pty) Ltd, has greatly extended its protection and automation product offerings for the local electricity distribution sector by bringing on board two reputable international companies as additional technology principals.

The newcomers are Arcteq of Finland, which produces and supplies protection equipment, and NovaTech located in the United States, which specialises in automation equipment. P&C signed an exclusive local distributorship agreement with Arcteq at the end of 2015 and with NovaTech early last year.

The business unit retains its longstanding partnerships with its existing protection and automation principals for the transmission and distribution markets.

“P&C is known for the level of service and support we provide in the market for all the products that we distribute. We are proud of our ability to understand the complex requirements of our market and ensure that our OEM partners appreciate them and work towards a satisfied customer,” said Marius van Rensburg, P&C’s Sales Manager.

“In the protection market the OEM often relies on strong local support to grow its offering.  ACTOM P&C has been evaluated by both of our new partners, who are convinced of our capabilities in this regard.”

Faisal Hoosen, P&C’s General Manager, said: “The new distributor arrangement enables us to provide a bigger choice of products to the local substation automation market. Both companies’ products are innovative and state-of-the-art and the compatibility between their respective offerings is already proven. P&C, Arcteq and Novatech are already geared to providing ongoing service and support to the market.”

Referring to the technology agreement with Arcteq, he commented: “We are very excited about our collaboration with Arcteq. Its in-house engineering capabilities as well as its close collaboration with First World universities has resulted in a product offering addressing the challenges of the modern electricity network.

“We are pleased to be able to respond to end-user demand for a modern reliable protection platform which is flexible, user-friendly and forgoes legacy programming interfaces in favour of current future proof interface methods. Our clear advantage is that we are supported by a dynamic and highly experienced partner whose team has many years of experience in this market and is willing to further enhance its solutions to suit our customer requirements,” Hoosen stated.
P&C is partnered by arc protection specialists Arc Protection Technologies in bringing Arcteq relays to the attention of the local market, as well as offering a range of additional services. “Arc Protection Technologies is headed by Rodney Bristow, who is well known in the local market as a foremost authority in arc protection. They will be able to offer Arcteq relays directly to the market and will through ACTOM provide customers with additional services such as engineering, design and commissioning of protection systems,” Hoosen added.

Arcteq’s globally best known products are the AQ-100 stand-alone ARC protection range, a reliable fast-acting ARC fault-clearing device that is well-suited to local conditions in both medium- and low-voltage applications. Combined with Arcteq’s AQ-1000 and AQ-2000 ARC-quenching devices, it introduces a new level of safety in the municipal, mining and industrial markets.

Another Arcteq product of interest is the AQ-200 modular protection range, a recently launched protection IED range that has IEC 61850 compatibility, full HMI and bay control capability and expandable IO. It provides extensive protection functionality, including feeder, transformer, motor and integrated ARC protection.

The 0.2S measurement accuracy and 3.2kHz sampling frequency makes the AQ-200 series products five to 10 times more accurate than any conventional protection device. For the first time a protection device can be used for billing level measurements or accurate station level energy sum calculations. The high sampling frequency of 3.2kHz, combined with a storing capacity of up to 100 fault records provides more information for fault analyses than any conventional protection device has ever been able to produce.

NovaTech’s OrionLX RTU and Gateway range is fully in line with the latest trends in the substation automation market worldwide, such as adherence to the IEC 61850 automation standard, full on-board automation, web server capability and integrated HMI. It incorporates innovative software that is most noteworthy for its capability of achieving a significant reduction in engineering effort to configure and maintain a substation automation system.

Furthermore the NovaTech OrionLX automation range has been integrated with products from all the major protection relay manufacturers, with a proven track record, being the biggest supplier of RTU’s and Gateways in the US market.


ACTOM (Pty) Ltd is the largest manufacturer, solution provider, repairer and distributor of electro-mechanical equipment in Africa, offering a winning and balanced combination of manufacturing, service, repairs, maintenance, projects and distribution through its 40 outlets throughout Southern Africa.
ACTOM is also a major local supplier of electrical equipment, services and balance of plant to the renewable energy projects.

 It also holds numerous technology, distribution and value added reseller agreements with various partners, both locally and internationally.


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Date:             May 5, 2017

Caption: ACTOM Protection & Control personnel seen with an automation panel demonstrating Arcteq and NovaTech integration are (from left): Joe Steyn, Technical Specialist; Elizabeth Senatle, Product Manager, Protection Products & Systems; Andrew Perkin, Senior Design Engineer; and Herman Maré, Technical Specialist, Automation.