ACTOM Signalling

ACTOM Signalling

Founded in 1907 as a specialised Railway Signalling business and today is the Southern African market leader in the field of railway automation, signalling and control systems, with a comprehensive turnkey capability and an extensive range of products.

We have the following CIDB Registrations:   9EP, 9EB and 9ME

ACTOM Signalling has implemented and maintains a documented quality management system that complies with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 which has been audited and verified by DQS GmbH. DQS Certificate Number 383592 QM is available on request.

Our local product, engineering and contracting capability linked to Alstom’s American and European Transport companies, provides our company with all the latest technology and systems available coupled with our own product and solutions that are geared to the standards, philosophy and environmental conditions encountered in the Southern African signalling industry.

Our core capabilities include: –

  • Planning and design skills including the following;
  • Free wired interlocking.
  • Relay interlocking.
  • Geographical interlocking.
  • Electronic Interlocking.
  • Remote control systems.
  • Signalling and monitoring products.
  • Train Control and management information systems.
  • Research and Development
  • Manufacture of signalling product.
  • Testing and commissioning.
  • Product Support.
  • Refurbishment/repair of products.
  • Signalling Miantenance.
  • Project Management.
  • Turnkey railway signalling projects.

The following lists the standard Actom railway signalling products: –

  • Style C1 H Electro Hydraulic Points Machine.
  • C1 H Rail Mounted Points Lock.
  • Switchmatic B1 Points Machine.
  • Style 63 Points Machine – (Conversion Kit)
  • Hot Axle Box Detector – (TS91, AS02)
  • Mechanical Points Indicators.
  • Self-Normalising Trailable Cylinder. (Spring Points)
  • Semaphore Operating Device. (Hydraulic upgrade)
  • Colour Light Signal – Long Range.
  • Shunt Light Signal.
  • Interlocked Circuit Controller. (Crank Handle box)
  • Half Arm Barrier.
  • Points Trailable Detector Box.
  • Mimic Desk & Diagrams.

Interlocking and Remote Control Systems

  • Manufacture of S2 remote control systems.
  • Automatic Train Routing – (ATR)
  • Semi Automatic Train Routing – (SARC)
  • Through Routing – (THR)
  • Route Storage – (RC)
  • Train Number – (TN)
  • Train Time Printing – (TTP)
  • Management Information Systems – (MIS)
  • High speed, high storage capacity Train Management System data logger
  • Visual Display Unit – (VDU)
  • Programmable Logic Controller – (PLC)
  • Manufacture of HRS, HR92 and HR 97 Hybrid Interlocking.
  • VPI and SMARTLOCK electronic interlocking.
  • Manufacture of CS90 Remote Control Equipment.

We are proud to be associated with planning, designing, manufacturing and installing all facets of train control, safety and management systems, striving to provide the best service, product and solutions to our customers.