Amorphous Core Low Loss Transformers

Amorphous Core Low Loss Transformers

Benefits of Amorphous Cores:

1.  Energy savings

  • No load losses are 17% to 25% of conventional CRGOES transformers (cold rolled grain oriented electrical steel).
  • Total ownership cost is reduced over transformer life.
  • Reduced cost of generation per kWH consumed.

2.  Reliability and Quality

  • Reduced heat generation due to lower losses, reduced impact on aging of transformer insulation materials (Increased overloading capacity)
  • ACTOM’s robust transformers are double wound, fully insulated and specifically clamped providing excellent short circuit capability

3.  Environmental Impact

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from generation facilities


  • Distribution transformers with typically low load factor where the no load loss makes up a significant part of these losses and the transformer needs to operate 24/7
  • Also used in high frequency applications where the frequency ranges between 200 and 400Hz

Click here  to download the Distribution Transformers Brochure.

Example of a 16kVA 22/.24kV unit designed and manufactured for Eskom