Clean Room Technology

Clean Room Technology

Stringent requirements with regard to quality, purity and safety, which are laid down in comprehensive national and international standards and guidelines, are a prominent feature of the modern pharmaceutical industry. Luwa clean room installations surpass the DOP testing and specialised validation criteria required in this sophisticated and safety conscious industry. Luwa’s extensive expertise in the clean room technology covers a large variety of tasks in the research and manufacturing processes such as:

  • Sterile processing of active substances and drugs in numerous stages of production, right up to packaging of the finished products for example in the case of injection preparations which cannot be subjected to final heat sterilisation.
  • Cascading principles to prevent contamination by foreign matter or active substances handled in the same production facility.
  • To give reliable protection to the personnel who are potentially at risk from handling highly active substances.
  • C.G. Screens to create laminar flow conditions on automatic bottle filling lines.


  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • State Vaccine Institute
  • Harwill Medical
  • Warner Lambert
  • Pfizer
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Enaleni Pharmaceuticals
  • HiLine Medical
  • Aspen Pharmaceuticals


  • Blood Bank
  • Krugersdorp Private Clinic
  • Free State Administration
  • R K Khan Hospital
  • W P Blood Transfusion