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MV Switchgear develops gas-insulated ring main unit for local market


MV Switchgear recently introduced a medium voltage gas-insulated ring main unit range it has developed for the local market in collaboration with an itnernational manufacturer and supplier of electrical equipment.

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ACTOM Acquires WPI Power Solutions


ACTOM boosts newly-launched network repair & maintenance business with acquisition of WPI Power Solutions

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ACTOM MV Switchgear introduces compact AMV12


wpi-photoACTOM MV Switchgear recently developed and introduced a compact version of its new generation AMV12 air-insulated indoor switchgear.

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New AMV12 Switchgear


amv12-switchgearCity Power is first purchaser of ACTOM MV Switchgear’s new AMV12 switchgear

City Power is ACTOM MV Switchgear’s first customer for its new generation AMV12 range of air-insulated switchgear officially launched into the market at the beginning of the year.

The business unit was awarded a contract in April last year to provide a 17-panel 12 kV rated switchboard incorporating the new switchgear for installation in the 88 kV/11 kV Industria substation in Industria, west of Johannesburg’s city centre.

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Kouga Wind Farm Project


kouga-wind-farm-640x392Three ACTOM business units coped well with stiff challenges posed by Kouga Wind Farm project

The ACTOM group’s medium voltage switchgear business unit, ACTOM MV Switchgear, has frequently demonstrated its adaptability and technical capability of developing and producing cutting-edge equipment to best suit new applications as they arise.

Its development of a medium voltage compact substation for use in wind farm power generation is no exception.

Within a relatively short period it successfully developed and produced 36 kV compact substations – also known as pad-mounted transformer kiosks (PTK’s) – for use at the Kouga Wind Farm at Oyster Bay in the Eastern Cape.

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New AMV12 range


1250avcbcompartment3ACTOM MV Switchgear successfully tests new AMV12 range for 31,5 kA/1 sec internal arc classification

Among the goals ACTOM MV Switchgear set out to achieve in developing its new AMV12 range of air-insulated switchgear was to attain an internal arc classification (IAC) of AFLR 31,5 kA for 1 second – proving that their new switchgear meets the highest standards for safety currently available.

The attainment of this important goal was confirmed in September 2014 when the AMV12 range, with ratings of 800 A, 1250 A and 2500 A, was successfully type tested for IAC AFLR 31,5 kA/1 sec at the world-class KEMA type test facility in Arnhem, Holland.

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ACTOM Technical Training Centre


_mg_3770-800x533Good demand for Technical Training Centre’s outside training courses

The Outside Training courses that the Technical Training Centre at Knights offers to companies outside the group that don’t have complete hands-on training facilities themselves continue to be in strong demand.

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Innovative tutoring project


_mg_0735-800x533Innovative tutoring project boosts Science and Maths results at township schools

Before it was acquired by ACTOM early last year, the Savcio group launched and successfully implemented an innovative tutoring project aimed at boosting Science and Maths teaching in selected high schools in Ekurhuleni.

Nene Mathebula, who launched the project in 2008 when he was the group’s Executive Director, Energy, said: “The East Rand was the labour pool for most of the group’s companies – as it is for ACTOM as well – so we selected schools serving previously disadvantaged communities in the area, the aim being to improve the basic Science and Maths education of youngsters who could potentially be employed by us in the future.

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Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm


mv-sg-jeffreys-bay-largACTOM MV Switchgear wins R66-million contract for transformer kiosks for Jeffreys Bay wind farm

A R66-million contract for design, manufacture and supply of 60 pad-mounted transformer kiosks for the 138 MW Jeffreys Bay wind farm in the Eastern Cape has been awarded to ACTOM MV Switchgear.

The Jeffreys Bay wind farm is one of 28 renewable energy projects being established by independent power producers (IPP’s) as part of a government-approved plan to provide additional power for South Africa to supplement that generated by Eskom’s power stations.

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ACTOM and Alstom Agreement


actom-alstom-agreement-lrgACTOM and Alstom sign transmission technologies cooperation agreement

ACTOM, the largest electrical engineering group in Southern Africa, and Alstom Grid, world-leading provider of engineered solutions and products for smart and conventional power grids, signed a three-year transmission technologies cooperation agreement in Johannesburg on April 23.

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 City Power minisubs term contract


sg-city-power-feb-13-lrgACTOM MV Switchgear awarded R70-million City Power minisubs term contract 

ACTOM MV Switchgear was once again awarded a substantial portion of City Power’s latest term contracts for miniature substations.

The contract, worth an estimated R70-million, applies to the period March 2012 to March 2015.

The minisubs will be utilised by the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality on various new projects and on the upgrading of existing infrastructure.

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Mobile prefabricated substations


Mobile prefabricated substations gain popularity among mines and municipalities

In recent years greater use has been made by mines and municipalities of prefabricated mobile medium voltage substations in place of conventional brick substations.

“More and more customers are realising how much more convenient and versatile the mobile substations are,” commented Alec Duff, ACTOM MV Switchgear’s Marketing Manager.

“Besides their lower cost and portability compared with the standard brick structures, their big advantage is that they can be brought in complete, connected up and put into operation fairly quickly. The quality of the sheet steel type of container and its sturdiness also make it suitable for rough terrain use.”

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Upgrade of eThekwini Electricity substations


ACTOM MV Switchgear supplies fixed pattern switchgear for upgrade of eThekwini Electricity substations

eThekwini Electricity last year awarded a groundbreaking three-year contract to ACTOM MV Switchgear to supply state-of-the-art fixed pattern switchgear.

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Specialised PIX Switchgear


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpecialised PIX switchgear from ACTOM MV Switchgear installed in Burnstone mine’s main intake substation

ACTOM MV Switchgear recently completed two contracts for distribution of 11 kV power at the new Burnstone underground gold mine near Balfour, Mpumalanga.

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Regional Roadshow


Regional ‘roadshow’ gives customers insight into specialised MV switchgear products on offer

ACTOM MV Switchgear recently staged a “roadshow” around South Africa and in Botswana to bring customers up to date with the company’s product offerings.

The roadshow comprised one-day seminars, dubbed “Medium Voltage Switchgear Solutions”, staged on consecutive days at the beginning of May in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Gaborone.

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Medupi Switchgear


medupi-switchgear-largeACTOM MV Switchgear enters power generation market with R275m order for Medupi

Leading local manufacturers and suppliers of medium voltage switchgear ACTOM MV Switchgear (formerly Alstom Switchgear) has gained entry into the power generation market after winning a R275m contract for the supply of all the medium voltage switchgear for Eskom’s Medupi Power Station currently under construction near Lephalale in Limpopo Province.

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MV Gas-Insulated Ring Main Unit


medupi-switchgear-largeACTOM Switchgear offers MV gas-insulated ring main unit adapted for local use

ACTOM Switchgear, leading manufacturers and suppliers of medium voltage switchgear, has introduced a state-of-the-art FBX gas-insulated ring main unit from Areva T&D that has been specially customised for use in secondary distribution applications in the local market.

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