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New design low-cost transformers for wind farms


actom-power-transformers-wind-farmACTOM Power Transformers lands sizeable order for new design low-cost transformers for wind farms

ACTOM Power Transformers has received an order for a large batch of transformers for wind turbine generators (WTG’s) for three new wind farms being established in the Northern Cape as part of the national renewable energy programme.

This follows the division’s earlier success in designing and producing similar transformers for one of the first wind farm projects in the programme, the Kouga Wind Farm near Oyster Bay in the Eastern Cape.

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Transformers for City’s Sebenza intake substation


power-transformersACTOM Power Transformers has won several prized contracts for large high-rated power transformers since entering this market in 2012, following a major upgrade of its design and production capabilities to enable it to produce units of up 315 MVA at 275 kV.

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ACTOM Power Transformers celebrates 50 years!


_mg_2299-a-421x640ACTOM Power Transformers celebrates success after 50 years in business

To mark the celebration of its 50th anniversary this year, ACTOM Power Transformers held a cocktail party at its Wadeville, Germiston, premises on August 28 to which it invited a number of its customers, including Eskom, municipalities, consulting engineering companies and project management contractors.

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First Quantum Minerals Canada


pt-first-quantum-minerals-largeACTOM Power Transformers wins prized transformers contract for new Sentinel copper mine in Zambia

ACTOM Power Transformers was successful in winning a fiercely contested contract for customised power transformers as part of the construction of Canadian company First Quantum Minerals’ new Sentinel copper mine and smelter project in Zambia’s North Western Province.

Sentinel, which has an estimated mine life of 25 years, is part of the Trident copper/nickel project being developed by First Quantum’s local subsidiary Kalumbila Minerals.

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eThekwini Electricity R107m Contract


pt-ethekwini-mar-12-lrgACTOM Power Transformers wins prized R107-million autotransformers contract for main intake substation in Durban

eThekwini Electricity has awarded a R107-million contract to ACTOM Power Transformers to produce four 315 MVA 275 kV/132 kV autotransformers for Klaarwater substation, one of the main intake substations for Durban.

It is the first contact the company has won for power transformers of these power and voltage ratings. The largest power transformers it is currently equipped to manufacture are 160 MVA 161 kV units.

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Bloemfontein’s electricity crisis


pt-eskom-bloem-lrgACTOM Power Transformers and Eskom co-operate to solve Bloemfontein’s electricity crisis

On May 27, 2011, Bloemfontein suffered a major blackout due to a power failure in one of its primary electricity distribution centres, the 132 kV/33 kV/11 kV Bayswater, which provides approximately a third of the city’s electricity supply.

The power failure also triggered a water supply crisis, as Bayswater is the power source for the city’s main water supply. “While Bayswater was down Bloemfontein was solely reliant on its own internal supply from Maselspoort Water Treatment Works, which provides 40% of the potable water,” said Leon Kritzinger, Executive Manager, Engineering, of Centlec, Bloemfontein’s electricity supply company.

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MeerKAT Radio Telescope


pt-eskom-bloem-lrgACTOM wins power transformers contract for prestigious MeerKAT radio telescope

ACTOM Power Transformers has been contracted to produce two 5 MVA power transformers for installation in the 66 kV/33 kV Karoo substation which will supply power to the MeerKAT radio telescope – a 64-dish array radio telescope to be built in the Karoo.
The contract, awarded by Square Kilometre Array (SKA) South Africa to ACTOM Power Transformers in March this year, is due for completion in February 2012. It encompasses manufacture, supply, installation and acceptance testing of the two 5 MVA transformers.

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ACTOM Power Transformers “now ready”


pt-ready-july-2011-lrgACTOM Power Transformers ‘now ready’ to produce power transformers for all types of power plants

After its successful completion of the design, manufacture and supply of four customised 60 MVA 12/132 kV power transformers as replacements for the original units in the City of Cape Town’s 180 MW Steenbras pumped-storage power station near Gordon’s Bay, ACTOM Power Transformers is well-placed to provide power transformers for power generation of all kinds.

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Kusile Unit Transfromers


kusile-schematic-pt-feb-2011-bigAward to ACTOM of prized Kusile unit transformers contract results in multiple local development benefits

Eskom’s new Kusile power station currently under construction near Delmas in Mpumalanga is to be fitted with locally designed and manufactured unit transformers produced by ACTOM group company ACTOM Power Transformers.

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First High-Rated AutoTransformer


power-transformers-schaapkop-jan-11-largeACTOM Power Transformers produces first high-rated autotransformer since plant upgrade

Since completing a major upgrade and extension of its Wadeville, Germiston, plant three years ago, ACTOM Power Transformers has designed, manufactured and supplied its first large Eskom spec autotransformer – a 120 MVA unit – which is to be installed in George Municipality’s new 132 kV/66 kV/11 kV Schaapkop main intake substation currently under construction.

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