Drives and Controls

Drives and Controls

Our experienced application engineers will advise on a selection of the most suitable AC or DC equipment for each project and then provide the most appropriate solution using either analogue or digital control techniques. Alstom drives can be interfaced with PLCs and may be used with serial links and computer-controlled applications.

The worldwide factories of Converteam, manufacture products and drive control systems for all applications and the Company’s product portfolio includes:

The latest IGBT and micro-processor technology for PWM drives ranging from 200 to 2 000kW V A full range of thyristor converters for all AC and DC drive applications.

The recently developed Mk 10 modular converter is suitable for high power controlled applications, with either air or liquid cooling and is complete with micro-monitoring facilities suitable for fuseless applications.

The Synchrodrive variable speed controllers for drives in the range of 500 to 60 000kW for compressors and other synchronous motor applications, motor drives from 500 to 10 000kW which are particularly suitable for retrofit application to existing machines.

A full range of Cyclodrive converter applications for full range speed control of either squirrel cage induction or Synchronous motors up to 50 000kW and at high voltages appropriate to the ratings.

A range of slip energy recovery Rotor-drives for limited speed control, high efficiency applications of slip-ring induction motors from 500 kW to 5 000kWv’ Special application drives using state of the art GTO technology for high torque high speed low inertia applications in the range from 1 000 to 10 000kW.