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Underground mining haulage power system launch


ep-underground-haulage-apr-12-lrgACTOM Electrical Products launches upgraded and modernised underground mining haulage power system

ACTOM Electrical Products, one of South Africa’s top distributors of electrical equipment , has introduced a modernised underground haulage power system that is “better in every way” than its predecessor, says Russel Ramsden, the company’s National Product Manager, Power Products.

“Not only is it sleeker, lighter, more durable and easier to install and maintain, but it is also available at a significantly lower price than the old product,” Ramsden comments.

ACTOM Electrical Products is a longstanding leading supplier of underground haulage power systems, which are used mainly for supplying power for lighting of underground haulages in mines.
Ramsden expects the new upgraded product to make a major contribution towards further consolidating the company’s dominance in this specialised market sector.

The connector boxes containing the16 Amp sockets and ES porcelain lamp holders in the new system are made of extruded fire-retardant polycarbonate, which are attached by tight-fitting screw-on moulded fittings to the sections of cabling linking them together, with all the armouring and other components of the system securely sealed against ingress of dust and moisture.

“These improvements all make for easier assembly and installation as well as making the system more durable and reducing maintenance and repair to a minimum,” Ramsden points out.

“In addition, due to the vast improvements in quality and convenience that have been achieved here, the new product is branded RELCO and has been added to our existing well-known range of RELCO electrical products catering mainly to the mining industry.”

The company’s line-up of RELCO mining specific products comprises also cable clamps and wedges.

ACTOM (Pty) Ltd is the largest manufacturer, repairer and distributor of electro-mechanical equipment and turnkey solutions in Southern Africa, employing about 7 500 people with an annual order intake in excess of R7.5bn. It is a black empowered company with 42 operating units, 43 production, service and repair facilities, and 36 distribution outlets throughout Southern Africa.

ACTOM holds numerous technology, distribution and value added reseller agreements with various partners, both locally and internationally.

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Date:  April 16, 2012

Caption:  Russel Ramsden, ACTOM Electrical Products’ National Product Manager, Power Products, displays a sample of the new underground haulage power system, fitted with a16 Amp socket (left) and a ES porcelain lamp holder. Shown in front are some of the system’s components.