High Voltage Equipment Divisional News – ACTOM High Voltage Equipment develops dual-voltage voltage transformers

ACTOM High Voltage Equipment develops dual-voltage voltage transformers


Dual Voltage VTA move by several major metropolitan municipalities, among others, towards raising the transmission voltage for substations from 88kV to 132kV has prompted ACTOM High Voltage Equipment to develop a dual-voltage voltage transformer (VT) to facilitate the transition at minimal cost to users.

“The conversions due to be implemented by various electrical authorities will involve a process whereby substations that are to be converted need to operate at 88kV for a period until the conversion to the higher voltage level of 132kV has been completed,” explained Etienne Venter, the division’s Design Engineer.

“Consequently if an 88kV substation is to be converted into a 132kV facility, it requires replacing the existing 88kV VT’s with 132kV units. We have overcome this stumbling block by developing the new dual-voltage VT, which provides for a seamless changeover from the lower to the higher voltage without the customer having to incur the extra cost of replacing existing units with higher rated ones.”

A number of the new VT’s are to be installed in the 88kV/11kV Roosevelt Park substation currently being extended and refurbished in the Johannesburg suburb of that name by Midrand-based substation contractors F&J Electrical. The company placed an order with ACTOM High Voltage Equipment in January this year for six units, along with 21 x 132kV current transformers, for the project.

Design of the new VT commenced late last year. “What enabled us to develop it as speedily as we have is that the bulk of the design was based on the already proven design of the 132kV compact VT we developed and introduced into the market in 2015,” said Venter.

“This meant that most of the components had already been tested, so only a limited number of components in the dual-voltage unit needed to put through the full battery of tests normally required on a newly-designed product.”

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It also holds numerous technology, distribution and value added reseller agreements with various partners, both locally and internationally.

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Date: June 14, 2017

Caption: Etienne Venter, ACTOM High Voltage Equipment’s Design Engineer, and (from left) Andries Modime, Assistant HV Tester; Clarence Tsire, HV Tester; and Silas Risimati, Team Leader, VT Winding Section, with the prototype of the new dual-voltage VT now in production.