High Voltage Equipment Divisional News – ACTOM HVE’s first order for Compact VT’s

ACTOM HVE’s first order for Compact VT’s


ACTOM High Voltage Equipment’s (HVE) first contract for manufacture and supply of compact 132kV voltage transformers (VT’s) was awarded to it recently by leading infrastructure company Consolidated Power Projects (CONCO) for supply to Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality.

HVE developed the new competitively priced and efficient compact VT in-house and introduced it into the local market in 2015. The new product is 35 to 40% smaller than the conventional unit and is accordingly about 15% lower in price.

The compact VT’s are available with standard porcelain insulators or glass-core and silicon composite insulators – the latter being pollution-resistant and less subject to damage than the conventional product.

The contract to HVE, awarded by CONCO early this year, is for manufacture and supply of 12 compact VT’s fitted with porcelain insulators. The VT’s form part of a range of HV equipment Tshwane Municipality has ordered under a three-year frame contract it awarded to CONCO last year.

“It was fortunate for us that we completed development and testing of the compact VT when we did as it comfortably comes in at the right price as quoted by CONCO to Tshwane Municipality on their frame contract. We couldn’t have accepted the order for our traditional VT’s at that price,” commented Nick de Beer, HVE’s Product Manager, Instrument Transformers.