Indoor and Outdoor Equipment

Indoor and Outdoor Equipment

Ring main units (RMU’s) & extensible switchgear

Ring main units are available with oil or SF6 insulating mediums.

The K-range oil switchgear provides a versatile and cost effective solution with ratings available for most distribution applications. The design allows for both extensible and non-extensible configurations.

We also offer SF6 gas filled ring main units in various combinations including a 630 A circuit breaker T-off.

The FBX gas-insulated switchgear (e.g. FBX-C CCT2 RMU) provides a maintenance free solution that offers internal arc classification (IAC) to IEC 62271. The switchgear is available in both extensible and non-extensible configurations with the following functions available: switch-disconnector (C); fused switch-disconnector (T1); 630A vacuum circuit breaker (T2) and cable riser with optional earthing switch (RE).