Indoor Equipment

Indoor Equipment

SBV & SBVE indoor equipment

The SBV & SBVE ranges are designed to meet virtually all service requirements and include single and double busbar configurations. The SBV design complies with the requirements of IEC 60298 whereas SBVE complies with that of IEC 62271. Integral cable and busbar earthing are available options. All SBV equipment is internal arc compliant in terms of the requirements of IEC i.e:

  • SBV equipment according to IEC 60298; and
  • SBVE equipment according to IEC 62271-200.

Type SBV 3 & 3E

  • Maximum rating: 12kV 2 500A 40kA 95kV BIL.
  • Available in single or double busbar configuration.

Type SBV 4 & 4E

  • Maximum rating: 12kV 2 000A 31,5kA 95kV BIL.
  • Available in single busbar configuration only. Is of low profile construction allowing overall height reduction.

Type SBV 5 & 5E

  • Maximum rating: 12kV 1 250A 25kA 95kV BIL.
  • The circuit breaker closing and tripping are solenoid operated and magnetically latched in the open or closed position using a permanent magnet system.
  • Due to the low component count the circuit breaker is virtually maintenance free.
  • No-load switching in excess of 100 000 “close” operations have been achieved without noticeable wear to the operating mechanism.
  • The circuit breaker was designed for utilisation in the low profile SBV 4 housing and is interchangeable with the SBV 4 circuit breaker and the SBV-C contactor.

Type SBV 24

  • Maximum rating: 24kV 1 250A 25kA 125kV BIL.
  • This version is for 22kV indoor utilisation and of single busbar configuration.


  • Maximum rating: 12kV 2500A 31.5kA 95kV BIL.
  • Available in single busbar configuration of mid-mount cassette type circuit breaker

Schneider Indoor Equipment

  • ACTOM MV Switchgear also offers the Schneider range of MV air-insulated and gas-insulated switchgear.
  • The Schneider products cover a wide range of withdrawable and fixed pattern arrangements.

Vacuum Interrupters

Vacuum interrupters are manufactured in a dedicated factory situated at Knights, the only facility of  this type in the Southern Hemisphere. Sophisticated and technologically advanced manufacturing methods are used to produce vacuum interrupters that meet the exceptionally high standards required.  The vacuum interrupters are used in ACTOM MV Switchgear and also exported for use by other switchgear manufacturers.