K-Class Ester (Environmentally-Friendly)

K-Class Ester (Environmentally-Friendly)

K-class ester has been used in more than a million transformers across 6 continents in distribution and power transformers through 420kV in both new and retro-filled transformers.

This ester oil can be used to retro-fill in existing transformers, using up to 15% less fluid and it can be mixed with mineral oil. It is a great alternative to Silicon filled transformers and dry type transformers.

Benefits of using K-class ester fluid:

  • Optimizes transformer designs for increased savings
  • Increases load capacity
  • Extends transformer asset life
  • Improves fire safety
  • Improves environmental footprint
  • Does not contain petroleum, halogens, silicones or sulfurs

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Environmentally friendly: K-Class Ester Oil