Large Motors

ACTOM Large Motors

The Large Motors unit consists of a focused manufacturing plant that designs and manufactures high voltage rotating electrical machines of proven quality and reliability up to 18MW and 13800Volts. These motors are marketed and sold through the ACTOM Electrical Machines business unit.

Every motor is made to order and designed to suit the specific requirements of the driven equipment, the environmental conditions and customer preferences. All motors comply with the requirements of IEC 34 and IEC 72. Motors complying with NEMAMG-1 can be manufactured on request.

ACTOM Large Motors, is backed by international technology providers giving it access to state of the art technology. The company has proven its ability as a world class manufacturer by way of the success in world markets. Large Motors has successfully supplied to countries such as the United States of America, Australia, Turkey, Israel, Taiwan but to name a few and has been supplying to a highly sophisticated South African market for more than 50 years for mining, power generation, water transport, etc.

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MS4 1800kW 560 frame totally enclosed fan cooled cast-iron motor