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New AMV12 range


1250avcbcompartment3ACTOM MV Switchgear successfully tests new AMV12 range for 31,5 kA/1 sec internal arc classification

Among the goals ACTOM MV Switchgear set out to achieve in developing its new AMV12 range of air-insulated switchgear was to attain an internal arc classification (IAC) of AFLR 31,5 kA for 1 second – proving that their new switchgear meets the highest standards for safety currently available.

The attainment of this important goal was confirmed in September 2014 when the AMV12 range, with ratings of 800 A, 1250 A and 2500 A, was successfully type tested for IAC AFLR 31,5 kA/1 sec at the world-class KEMA type test facility in Arnhem, Holland.

“This is the first switchgear product we have developed that achieves the 31,5 kA/1 sec internal arc classification. It is especially important among the various type tests that have been successfully conducted on the new range as it opens up vital new business opportunities for us that we have not had access to previously,” said Rhett Kelly, ACTOM MV Switchgear’s Technology Development Specialist.

The business unit’s existing SBV range of air-insulated switchgear is dual rated for IAC 31,5 kA/0,2 sec and 25 kA/1 sec.

“There’s an increasing demand from some of our key customers for switchgear having a higher rated internal arc classification. We have developed the AMV12 range partly in response to this market demand, and which the 31,5 kA/1 sec IAC rating now provides,” Kelly stated.

The extended internal arc duration in the AMV12 range provides users with an increased margin of safety over switchgear with lower duration classifications. “In the event of an internal fault occurring in any of the switchgear compartments, the level of potential burn-through coupled with the volume of exhausted hot gases and flames is significantly more severe for a 1 second IAC than for shorter IAC durations. While the switchgear protection system is required to clear a fault within the IAC duration, the switchgear itself has be designed to be sufficiently robust so as to respond appropriately and provide the required level of safety until the fault is cleared,” he explained.

“The ‘AFLR’ classification ensures that the switchgear is tested for accessibility by authorised personnel to all sides of the switchboard, namely the front (F), lateral (L) and rear (R) sides,” he added.

The recent internal arc tests performed at KEMA were the final type tests required to be conducted on the new range, following a battery of other stringent tests carried out at KEMA in 2013.  At that time the AMV12 range also successfully underwent a 25 kA/1 sec IAC test at the SA Bureau of Standards’ NETFA test centre in Olifantsfontein.

“We are now ready to launch the new range into the market, which is planned for early in the new year,” Kelly remarked.

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Date:  November 30, 2014

Caption:  The inset picture shows the 31,5 kA/1 sec IAC type test on ACTOM MV Switchgear’s new AMV12 switchgear in progress at the KEMA test facility in Holland in September 2014.