NECRT Transformers

NECRT Transformers

ACTOM Distribution Transformers has conducted extensive research into the cause and prevention of the premature failure of NECRTs. We have adapted our entire design to cater for the abnormal service conditions which the NECRTs are predominantly exposed to.

The standard ratings for NECRT’s are as follows:

  • 6.6kV 300A or 800A
  • 11kV 300A or 800A
  • 22kV 300A or 800A
  • 33kV 300A or 800A
  • 44kV 300A or 800A

Click here to download the Distribution Transformers Brochure.

11kV NECRT 100kVA 11000/415V aux transformer to Eskom specification

A prototype NECRT unit incorporating new design features