Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor Equipment

ACTOM MV Switchgear can offer locally developed and manufactured equipment as well as products imported from our overseas network.

The local products include compact minisubs, extensible and non-extensible ring main units and mobiles and skids for special applications.

All equipment is fully type-tested to the applicable international and local specifications.

Compact mini substations

  • Maximum rating: 22kV up to 1 000kVA.
  • Miniature substations are available in mild steel, fibre-glass or 3CR12 enclosures in type A or B configuration

Mobiles and skids

  • These products are available for the mounting of MV switchgear for both surface and underground applications.
  • Designs are based on specific customer specifications and requirements.

Pad Mounted Transformer Kiosk (PTK)

ACTOM MV Switchgear offers PTK’s for renewable energy applications upto 33kV/3.8MVA units