Low Voltage & Other

We rectify the AC and convert the DC.

Static Power is a local manufacturer of AC and DC standby equipment, and a long standing supplier of reliable products to customers in the Utility, Petroleum, Railway, Telecommunication, Industrial and mining markets.

Static Power specializes in the manufacture of standby battery chargers; industrial batteries; power supplies, rectifiers; DC/DC converters; DC/AC inverters; furnace control panels; capacitor trip units; solar regulators; battery trip units; power distribution boards are 100% locally designed.

All systems are designed and engineered to suit their purpose, to ensure reliability and compatibility.

Our success is testimony to the quality products and service to which Static Power is committed to providing the local and export markets.
History of the Static Power Group:
It was established in 1968 with in house design and manufacturing of battery and charger, control panels. In the early 1980's, followed a change in shareholding which resultred in a period of significant growth and development throught the 1980's.

The Static group was formed during the 1990's through investment in Alkaline Batteries and to strengthen the product/solution offering to the changing market conditions.

The Static group of companies sold its businesses to ALSTOM Electrical Industries (Pty) Ltd in November 2008, therefore becoming a division of one of the largest electrical engineering companies in South Africa. ALSTOM Electrical Industries renamed to ACTOM (Pty) Ltd in 2008.

The long and proud history of Static Power is testimony to the past successes of the business, in partnership with customers and unique product knowledge built up through years of experience that ensure total reliability of all DC solutions offered on a daily basis.


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