ACTOM HVAC Systems has extensive experience in designing and supplying HVAC systems for refineries and related industries. We are familiar with the specific requirements in terms of temperature control, humidity control, pressurisation, filtration, purification and standby requirements for Control Rooms, Rack Rooms, Server Rooms, UPS Rooms, LV & HV Switch Rooms and Battery Rooms.

We can provide HVAC systems, which are suitable for classified areas. We can also supply blast dampers to protect buildings that are located in blast zones.

Due to the corrosive atmosphere that is present in a refinery we are cognisant of the importance of selecting the correct materials and equipment for the HVAC equipment in order to ensure an acceptable lifespan for the HVAC system.

Customer reference list:

  • Caltex Refinery
  • Engen Refinery
  • SAPREF Refinery
  • Sasol