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Minopex 2 year Contract


Process plants operator Minopex awards ACTOM Electrical Machines prized two-year contract for high-spec LV motors

Johannesburg-based Minopex, a leading specialist in the operation and maintenance of metal and mineral processing plants, has awarded a two-year frame contract to ACTOM Electrical Machines to manufacture and supply high specification low voltage motors for a total of 21 mineral processing plants around the country.

The contract, awarded in January this year, encompasses all replacement LV motors required in the wide range of applications involved in the processing plants, as well as all new LV motors required for extensions or upgrades undertaken at any of the plants during the contract period.

The motors to be produced in terms of the contract, ranging from 0,25 kW to 250 kW and voltages of 400 V and 525 V, will comprise ACTOM Electrical Machines’ LS4 Hi-Spec range of low voltage cast-iron motors, which the company developed to meet the requirements of local users of LV motors in a wide range of industrial and mining applications and introduced into the market in 2003.

The LS4 range has proven to be highly successful and has been adopted by numerous operations, including leading mining houses Gold Fields, Kumba Resources, De Beers Consolidated Mines and Aquarius Platinum.

“The range incorporates performance and reliability characteristics aimed at minimising total cost of ownership, encompassing the upfront price, installation cost, energy usage and other running costs, including maintenance, repairs and downtime. The motors are also recognised for their high energy efficiency, high reliability and durability,” commented General Manager Tony Teixeira.

Other noteworthy features of the LS4 Hi-Spec range are:

• Class H insulation system
• Vacuum impregnation of the stator winding
• Class H, VPI, solventless resin
• Class B rise at altitude of 1650 masl
• IP 65 degree of enclosure protection
• Re-greasable, heavy duty bearings
• Reduced vibration levels

Minopex operates and maintains metal and mineral processing plants in the coal, platinum and diamond industries on behalf of the plants’ owners.

Edward Holmes, Minopex’s Supply Chain Manager, said the decision to award a two-year frame contract to ACTOM Electrical Machines was based on a number of key factors, including the fact that a large proportion of the LV motors currently in operation at the processing plants for which Minopex is responsible were produced by the company, the proven high quality and efficiency of the LS4 range, the fact that the company has nationwide representation via ACTOM’s branch network, which assures prompt turnarounds for supply of emergency replacements, and its proven track record as a reliable supplier and supporter of the product in a mutually beneficial association with Minopex extending over many years.

“By standardising on a major supplier like ACTOM by means of such a long-term contract for supply and support of the low voltage motors used in the plants we operate, we achieve substantial cost savings for our clients, plus all the other benefits associated with it, including fast deliveries and fast turnarounds for replacements and repairs,” he said.

“The new arrangement has also enabled us to reduce the stockholdings of motors held by Minopex, as the bulk of strategic stocks can now be held by the reputable motor producer itself.”

ACTOM (Pty) Ltd is the largest manufacturer and distributor of electrical equipment in South Africa, employing about 6 000 people and with an annual order intake in excess of R5bn. It is a black empowered company with 33 operating units, 27 production facilities and 28 distribution centres throughout South Africa.

ACTOM partners Alstom France for environmental equipment and in serving the maintenance, upgrade and retrofit market for larger boilers, as well as for railway transport activities.

ACTOM holds exclusive distribution, technology and representation rights for Alstom Grid (formerly the Transmission business of Areva T&D) in Southern Africa and maintains management, technical and commercial links to Alstom Grid business units in Europe.

Following the acquisition by Schneider Electric of the global Distribution business of Areva T&D, the distribution, technology and representation agreements that existed between ACTOM and Areva will remain in place until such time as a new agreement has been concluded.

ACTOM formerly traded under the name Alstom South Africa and re-branded to ACTOM in September 2009.

For further information contact Antonio Teixeira, ACTOM Electrical Machines
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Date:  July 27, 2011

Caption:  Low voltage motors supplied by ACTOM Electrical Machines in a mineral processing plant. The company will supply its reputable LS4 Hi-Spec motors for processing plants around the country in terms of its two-year frame contract with Minopex.