Power Conversion

Power Conversion

ACTOM Electrical Machines is the leading manufacturer and supplier of electric motors in Southern Africa and exports its products to several countries. It has a longstanding capability for custom-designing and manufacturing medium voltage motors up to 18MW for the mining, industrial, processing and utilities markets and offers a range of medium voltage variable speed drives compatible with its range of motors. It is a leading supplier of high specification as well as standard low voltage motors, gearboxes, speed reducers, motor starters and diesel generators.

It also manufactures laminated components and tooling for the electric motor manufacturing and repair industries.

ACTOM HVAC Systems specialises in industrial ventilation and air-conditioning and are able to offer the design and installation of these systems. We can offer these services separately or as a combined design – supply package. We employ qualified Air-Conditioning, Design Engineers, Contracts Engineers, Draughtsmen, Manufacturing, Erection and Commissioning Technicians.

Static Power is a complete manufacturer & DC system supplier; designing, installing, manufacturing and commissioning standby battery and battery charger systems.

Alkaline Batteries is a supplier of ALCAD/SAFT vented and sealed nickel cadmium and lead acid industrial batteries.

Multipower Systems is a turnkey business unit within ACTOM for standby power solutions, who supply DC products that are suitable for the Southern African environment. This includes switchmode rectifiers, thyristor type chargers, UPS systems vented and sealed, lead acid and NiCd batteries for the African markets

COM10 is a local assembler and integrator of switchmode rectificers, DC/DC converters with sophisticated supervisory controllers, batteries, stands, battery cubicles and power enclosures.