Power Divisional News – ACTOM Air Pollution Control commended

ACTOM Air Pollution Control commended


SONY DSCACTOM Air Pollution Control commended for ‘job well done’ on large fume-extraction contract

ACTOM Air Pollution Control (MikroPul) recently completed one of the largest gas-cleaning contracts it has ever undertaken.

The turnkey contract, worth over R100-million, was for Assmang’s Cato Ridge Works near Durban, where ACTOM Air Pollution Control provided a system for capturing fumes generated by the tapping operations of the plant’s six furnaces.

The contract, awarded by Assmang in mid-2008 and completed in July 2010, included civils and the supply and installation of electrical and automated control systems.

The secondary gas-cleaning system, which complements Cato Ridge’s primary fume-extraction system, comprises a large eight-module reverse pulse filter baghouse covering a ground area of 1200 m2, plus ancillary equipment that includes extensive ducting and extraction hoods attached to jib cranes that swing the hoods into position at the furnaces during tapping operations.

The filtration plant, with an extraction capacity of 775 000 m3/hr, is designed to serve tapping operations of up to four furnaces simultaneously. Emissions are guaranteed at well below 15 mg/Nm3.

Sam Matsimela, a Consulting Engineer with Assore, a 50% shareholder in Assmang’s Cato Ridge Works, said the filtration plant is operating efficiently and exceeds the specified fume-extraction capacity of 775 000 m3/hr.

He described ACTOM Air Pollution Control’s project management as excellent. “They reacted swiftly to most of our demands and to scope changes and were extremely flexible in accommodating the works’ production requirements. They also gave major priority to safety and must be commended for their ability to work safely while some of the furnaces were in production,” he said.

ACTOM Air Pollution Control, which changed its name from MikroPul in October 2010, remains unchanged in all other respects and continues to offer the world-renowned MikroPul range of gas-cleaning and dust control and collection equipment in the local market.

ACTOM (Pty) Ltd is the largest manufacturer and distributor of electrical equipment in South Africa, employing about 6 000 people and with an annual order intake in excess of R5bn. It is a black empowered company with 27operating units, 22 production facilities and 25 distribution centres throughout South Africa.

ACTOM partners Alstom France for environmental equipment and in serving the maintenance, upgrade and retrofit market for larger boilers, as well as for railway transport activities.

ACTOM holds exclusive distribution, technology and representation rights for Alstom Grid (formerly the Transmission business of Areva T&D) in Southern Africa and maintains management, technical and commercial links to Alstom Grid business units in Europe.

Following the acquisition by Schneider Electric of the global Distribution business of Areva T&D, the distribution, technology and representation agreements that existed between ACTOM and Areva will remain in place until such time as a new agreement has been concluded.

ACTOM formerly traded under the name Alstom South Africa and re-branded to ACTOM in September 2009.

For further information contact Des Tuck, ACTOM Air Pollution Control
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Date:  January 11, 2011