Power Divisional News – ACTOM environmental solutions unit completes turnkey filtration system upgrade contract

ACTOM environmental solutions unit John Thompson APC completes turnkey filtration system upgrade contract for PPC’s Dwaalboom plant


ESP ConversionLeading cement producers PPC Ltd commissioned ACTOM’s environmental solutions specialist business unit John Thompson Air Pollution Control to upgrade the dust collection system serving one of the main production lines at PPC’s Dwaalboom plant near Thabazimbi in Limpopo Province.

The turnkey contract, worth in excess of R30-million, was awarded to John Thompson APC in May 2016 and completed in March 2017. The contract involved retrofitting the original electrostatic precipitator (ESP) system for the plant’s Kiln No.1 with a reverse-pulse filtration system deploying tubular bags to maintain dust emissions below 20mg/m3.

“The new system represents a substantial upgrade on its predecessor. The lower emission levels it maintains is to meet stricter environmental regulations which have come into effect,” commented Raymond Hopkins, John Thompson APC’s Project Manager on the contract.

The pulse-jet conversion, erected on the roof of the former ESP system, contains over 3600 tubular filter bags with a total air-moving capacity in excess of 500 000m3/h. The baghouse is fitted with glass-fibre tubular bags capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 260 degrees C.

The contract also incorporated the design and manufacture of a centrifugal induced draft (ID) fan for the baghouse comprising a 2700mm diameter aerofoil impeller driven by a motor in excess of 1MW, as well as materials handling equipment consisting of drag chains and rotary valves discharging the collected dust into an existing product conveyor.

ACTOM’s industrial and mining fan specialists TLT ACTOM, which John Thompson APC sub-contracted to produce the baghouse fan assembly, was also commissioned as part of its scope of work under the contract to design and manufacture a customised kiln ID fan.

“This centrifugal ID fan, although it forms part of the filtration system contract, is unrelated to the dust collection system,” explained James Sole, TLT ACTOM’s Sales Engineer, Industrial & Process Fans.

“Its function is heat recovery, as it takes the hot off-gas from the kiln for re-use in the production process. It is designed to withstand high dust loads and temperatures and is made of exceptionally wear-resistant material due to the highly abrasive material it will be exposed to.”

With a diameter of 3600mm, it is one of the largest fans used in an industrial application, driven by a large motor in excess of 2MW.

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Date:             April 12, 2017

Caption: A bird’s eye view of the reverse-pulse ESP conversion provided and installed recently by John Thompson Air Pollution Control at PPC’s Dwaalboom cement factory near Thabazimbi.