Power Divisional News – De Hoek cement plant de-dusting contract

De Hoek cement plant de-dusting contract


apc-ppc-de-hoek-feb-13-smllPPC commends ACTOM Air Pollution Control for good work on De Hoek cement plant de-dusting contract

ACTOM Air Pollution Control has been recognised by PPC Ltd for the efficiency with which it executed a turnkey contract to upgrade the dust control system at PPC’s De Hoek cement factory near Piketberg in the Western Cape.

The contract, which took 12 months to complete, involved design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of a 350 000 m3/hr capacity bag filter to de-dust kiln 6 and raw mill 6 as part of an extensive upgrade and expansion at the De Hoek factory.

The bag filter was designed to enable installation and erection in a confined area inside the cement plant that was previously occupied by the electrostatic precipitator (ESP). The project brief was to construct the new bag filter, where possible, on the existing concrete foundations that supported the old ESP.

The bag filter is fitted with glass fibre bags capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 260 degrees C.

In terms of the contract conditions the bag filter, in addition to providing a substantially higher air moving capacity than the old ESP, was also required to reduce dust emissions to less than 20 mg/Nm3  to comply with PPC’s internal emission standards as well as future environmental regulations. “However, the actual measured on site emission levels of less than 1 mg/Nm3 being achieved by the new filter are substantially lower than the contractual performance guarantee,” said
Raymond Hopkins, ACTOM Air Pollution Control’s Project Manager.

Apart from the bag filter, the contract also included replacement of the existing forced draft fan with a higher capacity induced draft fan and installing a new material handling system to collect, transport and feed the collected dust back into the clinker production process.

Hopkins further pointed out that the contract was completed a month ahead of schedule, despite the  presence of other contractors working in confined and busy areas on the expansion and upgrade of kiln 6. “A further complication was that right next door to where we were working kiln 5 remained fully operational, adding to the congestion,” he commented.

In addition, ACTOM Air Pollution Control achieved an impeccable safety record on the kiln 6 contract, with no lost time injuries recorded for the entire duration of the construction activities.

Said Hopkins: “A major contributory factor to our successful execution and completion of this contract was that we received maximum co-operation and assistance from PPC’s project management and site construction teams.”

Lizé Welgemoed, PPC’s Senior Project Manager responsible for the upgrade and expansion project at the De Hoek plant, commended ACTOM Air Pollution Control for its work.  “We have a longstanding excellent relationship with ACTOM. We were never in doubt about their ability to perform the contract in accordance with the project conditions and performance guarantees.

“In addition ACTOM has achieved several noteworthy successes over and above fully meeting the contract requirements. These include emissions reductions well below the guarantee level and completion of the contract ahead of schedule.

“ACTOM Air Pollution Control is one of the well-respected contractors that have given PPC good service over many years. They have proven to be technically competent, reliable and innovative, demonstrated by their highly satisfactory execution of the De Hoek 6 contract,” Welgemoed concluded.

ACTOM (Pty) Ltd is the largest manufacturer, repairer and distributor of electro-mechanical equipment and provider of turnkey solutions in Southern Africa, employing about 7 500 people with an annual order intake in excess of R7.5bn. It is a black empowered company with 42 operating units, 43 production, service and repair facilities, and 36 distribution outlets throughout Southern Africa.

ACTOM holds numerous technology, distribution and value added reseller agreements with various partners, both locally and internationally.

Caption:  The 350 000 m3/hr capacity bag filter designed, manufactured and installed by ACTOM Air Pollution Control for the de-dusting of kiln 6 and raw mill 6 at PPC’s De Hoek factory.

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Date:  February 25, 2013