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Kwale Mineral Sands Plant Kenya


iscor-ticor-671kbExperience favoured ACTOM Air Pollution Control in winning fast-track Kenyan mineral sands contract

ACTOM Air Pollution Control’s experience in catering to the requirements of various mineral sands producers in Southern Africa in recent years was a major factor that counted in its favour in being selected recently to undertake a fast-track dust control upgrade contract for the Kwale mineral sands plant in Kenya.

Kwale mine, owned by Kenyan mining company Base Titanium, is situated near the town of Ukunda
on the Kenyan coast.

A leading Australian project management company, the engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) contractor for the upgrade of Kwale’s mineral separation plant, selected ACTOM Air Pollution Control to design, manufacture, and supply two bag houses for dust collection in the plant. The contract was awarded in September 2012 and completed in February this year.

The company won the contract mainly on the strength of its good track record in this field in providing similar systems for the mineral separation plants of three other mineral sands operations in the region – one in South Africa and two in Mozambique – over the past three years.

The reverse pulse bag filter systems provided for Kwale comprise one bag house for collection of ilmenite dust, operating at a pressure of minus 8 kPa, and another for collection of rutile and zircon dust, operating at a pressure of minus 10,5 kPa.

“The two bag houses together have a total extraction capacity of 30 000 m3/hr. Their outer walls are constructed of extra-thick steel to withstand these unusually high pressures. The bag houses, bag filters and ducting are also designed and manufactured to withstand the high abrasiveness of the products,” explained Martin Luyt, ACTOM Air Pollution Control’s Senior Sales Engineer responsible for the contract.

He added that the high suction pressures in the bag houses are required due to high resistance
through the process plant equipment and  dirty air ducting.

ACTOM (Pty) Ltd is the largest manufacturer, solution provider, repairer and distributor of electro-mechanical equipment in Africa, employing about 7 500 people with an annual order intake in excess of R7.5bn. It is a black empowered company with 42 operating units, 43 production, service and repair facilities, and 36 distribution outlets throughout Southern Africa.

ACTOM holds numerous technology, distribution and value added reseller agreements with various partners, both locally and internationally.

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Date:  June 25, 2013

Caption:  Dust collection bag houses similar to those provided by ACTOM Air Pollution Control recently for the Kwale mineral sands plant in Kenya.