Power Divisional News – Revolutionary ‘Air Tower’ solution

Revolutionary ‘Air Tower’ solution


novus-weld-800x524-640x419Revolutionary ‘Air Tower’ solution unveiled for light industrial air-cleaning applications

Leading gas-cleaning and dust control specialists ACTOM Air Pollution Control have been appointed the sole distributor for Southern Africa of an innovative compact and energy-efficient filtration system for use in light industrial applications where low levels of dust and fumes are generated.

The system, the Novus Air Tower, complements ACTOM Air Pollution Control’s core range of dust control and gas-cleaning products and systems, which mainly address the requirements of heavy industry, including the industrial metallurgy, mineral processing and cement manufacturing industries.

“The heavy dust and gas loads for which we chiefly cater require customised systems that have to be designed and purpose-made for their particular applications. In addition to the primary dust and/or fume-extraction units, such as bag-houses,  that have to be produced, a substantial amount of ducting and other auxiliary equipment is also usually required as part of the total installation,” explained Marketing & Sales Engineer Des Tuck.

“Such complex and extensive systems aren’t appropriate for low dust- and gas-load applications such as those that apply typically in many pharmaceutical and food processing and milling applications, as well as for welding, grinding and plasma or laser cutting operations. The Novus Air Tower perfectly suits applications like these.”

The Novus Air Tower, produced by Novus Verfahrenstechnik GmbH of Germany, is touted worldwide as a “plug & play” unit as this term summarises its great convenience due to the fact that it is a standard free-standing unit that can be easily transported and installed wherever it may be required.  Once set up it can be plugged into electricity and compressed air supply sources and go into operation immediately. It also has the major advantage of being inexpensive in terms of both capital and running costs compared with conventional dust control and gas-cleaning systems.

From top to bottom, the Air Tower comprises a spark trap consisting of a multi-cyclone pre-separator, followed by a set of filters consisting of compressed air pulse jet self-cleaning cartridge filters which remove dust and emission particles from the air flow. A second set of filters monitor the air quality, after which the clean air is released back into the work space via large air outlet openings situated at the base of the tower. All dust and particulates extracted in the filtration process are collected in a tray at the base of the tower.

The Air Tower includes an electronic control system, complete with text display, to monitor the condition of the various components. The Air Tower’s housing is manufactured from high-tech polycarbonate, which is impact-resistant, scratch-proof and heat-resistant. Sound insulation provides low operating noise.

Said Tuck: “Where the Air Tower may be most effectively used is best illustrated by a welding work space, where the fumes are not generated from a single source but have to be captured from the working space itself. The Air Tower creates a flow pattern in the work area it serves, so that while clearing the area of dust and fumes it simultaneously circulates clean air throughout the area.

“Isolated work areas of up to 6600 m3 can be served by one Air Tower or multiple Air Towers strategically placed on the floor of the work area for larger volumes.”

The air-moving capacities of single or multiple Air Towers range from 7500 m3/hr up to 20 000 m3/hr. Power consumption is low at less than 1,5 kW for every 1000 m3 of clean air generated through the process.

Tuck said the revolutionary new product enables ACTOM Air Pollution Control to more effectively cater to the many light industries and applications that generate low dust and gas loads spread out in the workplace. “It is the best and most cost-effective dust control and gas-cleaning solution available worldwide for use in these applications,” he concluded.

ACTOM (Pty) Ltd is the largest manufacturer, solution provider, repairer and distributor of electro-mechanical equipment in Africa, offering a winning and balanced combination of manufacturing, service, repairs, projects and distribution through its 41 distribution outlets throughout Southern Africa.

ACTOM is also a major local supplier of electrical equipment, services and balance of plant to the renewable energy projects.

It also holds numerous technology, distribution and value added reseller agreements with various partners, both locally and internationally.

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Date:  August 20, 2014