Power Transformers Divisional News – Transformers for City’s Sebenza intake substation

Transformers for City’s Sebenza intake substation


power-transformersTransformers for City’s Sebenza intake substation incorporate three-stage cooling

ACTOM Power Transformers has won several prized contracts for large high-rated power transformers since entering this market in 2012, following a major upgrade of its design and production capabilities to enable it to produce units of up 315 MVA at 275 kV.

The upgrade and expansion project, which ACTOM Power Transformers undertook with the assistance of world leading specialist transformer design consultants Felber Engineering of Austria, was a major advance, as the highest rated units the division was capable of producing prior to the upgrade were 45 MVA at 132 kV.

The advance has enabled the division to enter market sectors it was unable to fully serve previously, as well as compete more effectively with imported high-rated brands on offer.

Since entering this market ACTOM Power Transformers has won several contracts for high-end transformers in the municipal sector and is seeking to achieve similar success in the power generation sector.

Among metropolitan municipalities the division is already catering to in this respect is Johannesburg’s City Power. It won a R66-million contract in mid-2014 to manufacture and supply three 315 MVA 275 kV/88 kV/22 kV autotransformers for installation in the new 400 kV/275 kV/132 kV Sebenza intake substation currently under construction next to Kelvin power station near Kempton Park.

The autotransformers contract, due for completion in May 2016, was awarded to ACTOM Power Transformers by Midrand-based Consolidated Power Projects (CONCO), the electrical infrastructure construction contractor responsible for erecting the new substation, which is being established to increase and enhance the capacity of the electricity distribution network on the eastern side of Johannesburg.

“CONCO has been in the market for more than 29 years, during which it has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with ACTOM Power Transformers. It was the logical choice for this mega-project, owing to its outstanding product quality and reputation,” said Clive Pillay, CONCO’s Business Development Director.

The transformers for Sebenza incorporate a specially customised three-stage oil cooling system designed to provide high efficiency cooling at various temperatures while at the same time minimising energy use.

The oil cooling system comprises radiator-, pump- and fan-driven systems which optimise cooling of the active part of the transformer by respectively kicking into operation in response to rises in temperature at various stages to maintain oil flow through the system.

“The development of this most efficient cooling system was a challenging exercise that required careful planning and close attention to detail,” commented Ronnie Russell, ACTOM Power Transformers’ Divisional CEO.

“The development of the autotransformers also involved conducting numerous tests covering various parameters to confirm that all specifications and requirements as laid down by the project consultants in the contract were met.”

Pretoria-based PSW Consulting Engineers are City Power’s consultants on the Sebenza substation project.

ACTOM (Pty) Ltd is the largest manufacturer, solution provider, repairer and distributor of electro-mechanical equipment in Africa, offering a winning and balanced combination of manufacturing, service, repairs, projects and distribution through its 40 distribution outlets throughout Southern Africa.

ACTOM is also a major local supplier of electrical equipment, services and balance of plant to the renewable energy projects.

It also holds numerous technology, distribution and value added reseller agreements with various partners, both locally and internationally.

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Date:  August 14, 2015

Caption:  Seen in ACTOM Power Transformers’ Wadeville, Germiston, plant is a core and winding assembly being lowered into the tank of a large 315 MVA 275 kV power transformer similar to those on order for City Power’s new Sebenza intake substation.