Specialised Products

Specialised Products

High Velocity Air Washer System

The high velocity air washer system is available as a masonry, GFK or stainless steel option. All the internal components are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials for optimal performance and low maintenance. As well as humidifying, the washer is also used for evaporative cooling to reduce temperatures at sources of high heat loads.

The air washer can be incorporated with mechanical cooling systems such as chilled water for the purpose of dehumidification where high performance production requirements necessitate consistently low relative humidity conditions.

The spray water end suction centrifugal pumps are also available with variable speed driven motors (frequency inverters) to reduce energy consumption. The spray water is reticulated through a Rotary Water Filter (WDF) manufacture from stainless steel and is purposely designed to minimise blockages and reduce cleaning maintenance for the high efficient atomising spray nozzles.

Rotary Pre-filter Unit

The rotary pre-filter unit RPF is used in the industry to provide preliminary filtration of air streams heavily laden waste with fibers and dust typically found in automatic waste removal systems. The air current to be filtered passes through a rotating pre-filter disc covered with a screen. The waste which is collected on the screen, mainly fibers and course particles, are sucked out of the conveying air current by a stationary nozzle.

The RPF can be adapted to the operating conditions by varying the following values:

  • Average speed of the filter screen
  • Mesh size of the filter screen
  • Air volume of the conveying air current (extraction by suction)
  • Rotational speed of the filter disc by means of frequency inverters

Waste Separator

The function of the Waste Separator W.S, is to separate fibrous waste from the conveying air-stream in automatic waste removal systems. The radially directed incoming conveying air deposits its fibrous load on the screening drum, flows through the drum and leave the unit in an axial direction.

Once the fibrous mat covering the drum reaches a certain thickness respectively a predetermined differential pressure is reached and the drum starts to rotate.

A simultaneously rotating bucket wheel strips the fibrous mat from the screening drum. The material ejected downwards feeds a baling or briquetting press, a recycling machine or suchlike.

Luwa Fiber Separator

The Fiber Separator types FSB and FSC, are used to separate textile waste, such as fibers or fibers mixed with shell particles or course dust from a conveying air flow. The efficiency of shell or dust separation depends on the fiber portion and type of control. The air carrying waste flows through the air inlet into and through the perforated metal basket, leaving all fibers on the wall inside the metal screen.

The air then flows through the air outlet towards the final filtration. A conveyer screw transports the fibers, continuously or upon demand determined by a differential pressure switch control, downward, where the fibers are discharged and pre-compressed through a spring plate diaphragm.