Sugar Industry

Sugar Industry

ACTOM HVAC Systems has been involved in several projects in the sugar industry and has supplied the following HVAC equipment to sugar mills and refineries:

Conditioning silos, driers, pressurisation systems, filtration systems, ventilation systems and cooling for Control Rooms and MCC Rooms.

We can provide the air-conditioning systems for driers in which the free moisture of the sugar crystals is removed. In order to prevent caking of the sugar it is important that the bound moisture is removed in a conditioning silo, for which we provide the specialised air-conditioning systems.

We also manufacture special fan/filter units to ensure a dust free environment inside the factory.

Customer reference list:

  • Illovo (Ubombo)
  • United Sugar Company of Egypt
  • SUDS – Mauritius
  • FUEL – Mauritius
  • Belle Vue – Mauritius